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Piece do pizzy, Valoriani


You’ll love it at first bite!

I got to love Italian cuisine at first bite! I was captivated by its tastes and simplicity. In summer, I savoured the taste, and on autumn and winter nights I explored the secrets of the cuisine in the books that I was able to get hold of. And this is how I found out about the Italian forno... Wood-fired ovens appeared to be the basic kitchen equipment used by Italian cooks to prepare culinary specialties.

I decided to build a forno oven at my place, and I found VALORIANI – an Italian factory that had long dealt with the manufacture of such ovens. And this is how it all started.

Once the oven found its place in my garden, I found the pleasure of treating my family, friends and acquaintances to my cuisine. Then I thought that I should share the pleasure with other lovers of good food, and I started to cooperate with the Italian manufacturer.




excellent thermal properties
assembly from ready modules
possible indoor and outdoor applications
almost 60-year long experience


The ideal temperature for each recipeu
Technology that improves the taste of nature
Aromas and flavors locked in a perfect kitchen
Excellent cooking between tradition and innovation


The technology is in the service of tradition
Many possibilities
Functionality and efficiency
Many years of tradition


Le 5 Stagioni is the secret of success of any pizza
excellent taste, flavor and aroma of all pastries
many types of flour for various purposes


Accessories made ​​from the highest quality materials
for professional and home use
resistant to high temperatures and damage

Piece Chlebowe, do Pizzy
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